dezembro 16, 2017

Italy Refugees Response

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When I was in Italy, in May of this year, was recommended to speak to the Mayor of Santorso, because this Village is a good example of receiving immigrants and integrate them. And also Jessica, a Brazilian girl who is working in a refugees center in south of Italy.
Thankfully we've met them, and they gave us a deep overview of this subject.

Italy has been receiving a lot of refugees for some years, already saved a lot of people on the sea, but has no system to integrate them after that...
Numbers are growing every year, we can not stop it, so we need an Europe model to respond to this.
Italy could host a lot more new people, if every single town host. And if more countries adopt this system, we could manage this flow of immigrants and the emergency could become an opportunity. If it's only some towns of a few countries doing this job, the emergency situations are all the time coming and the system will collapse for everyone...

Seems seeing diversity as a problem and the afraid of loosing the richness are the biggest barriers that we need to overtake for a more fair and shared world...

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